i have a love affair with fashion. it has been a rocky one. it’s hard to say it has been love-hate because hate is such a strong word. but i must confess that imaginary steam has blown from my ears as i stared at an overwhelming credit card bill time and time again, and the culprit… my love of fashion. but i have learned my lesson. and it truly isn’t fashion’s fault. i mean if a guy is super cute and you make out with him on the first date even though you swore you wouldn’t… it’s not his fault… it’s yours, you gave in to temptation. and i did give into temptation. how many times did i have to walk into a store swearing i’d only buy my much needed new bra and then walk out with 4 dazzling ensembles with a smile on my face that exuded glee and delusion. mostly delusion.

this little blog is going to be dedicated to pretty dresses and accessories that i find across the web or in stores. it is actually therapeutic for me to sorta cut and paste outfits that i think are wonderful, even if i can’t purchase every single one. and yes, i said therapeutic… if you’re a fashion addict i know you are nodding your head right now and getting “it”. if you’re not, then yes, i’m completely serious, don’t be scared.

dresses are so fanciful to me. i mean even ones that aren’t fancy. i rarely see ladies in dresses around here. when i do, (and i mean a fashionable one, not one that looks like she’s about to go milk a cow) it’s shocking. that’s how rare it is. i want to run up to her and take out my mini hair brush to conduct an impromptu interview. i always feel sweeter in a dress. and more feminine. and yes, i consider tunics with leggings a form of a dress…  i Love that look! i just love dresses. as a little girl i had a favorite dress, white with little pink hearts all over it and to this day i can still remember how it made me feel when i wore it, now that’s an impact!

happy shopping ladies!

be good.

xo amy

you can always email me at thedressshopgirl@yahoo.com